Texas Renaissance Festival Festival shortest and safest route. GO NORTH ON BOWLER ROAD AT FM 1488! Do not listen to County Judge Trey Duhon! Duhon's Bowler @ FM1488 detour to FM 1774, in Magnolia shows once again, just how incompetent the judge really is.

This is all about diverting traffic to greedy Magnolia merchants. Magnolia merchants want to tap the wallets of the Renaissance Festival visitors stuck in gridlock traffic with no other route options. IT IS A TRAP! Duhon used Terry W. (TJ) Johnson in a failed attempt embarrass Honorable Commissioner Russell Klecka which had already met with TXDOT and DPS officials regarding this public safety issue in fall of 2016. If the traffic is NOT delayed with an ignorant resident sticker check  at the Bowler/FM 1488, Bowler/Howell, Brooks/Newland, Newland/Reids Prairie, Reids Prairie/Clark Road, Clark/FM 302(Finke Road) intersections, traffic should have a minimum impact on the area residents. In the past, incompetent WCSD officers stopped festival visitors to divert them east on FM 1488 to Magnolia. This unnecessary stop created a traffic jam for miles on Hegar Road and did very little to change the minds of motorists following the directions of their GPS, as 80-90% ignored the officer's directions in 2016.  Judge Duhon will be remembered as the most incompetent county judge in Texas!

Judge Duhon does know how to correctly spell Reids Prairie! HE IS INCOMPETENT!

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