Trey Duhon, Ben Tibbs and Elton Mathis bring reporter Carrie Gourley into one of the largest defamation lawsuits in SE Texas.

Waller Times/Carrie Prazak- Gourley expected to be named in $15 million slander/defamation/conspiracy lawsuit by the original and ONLY legally recognized Waller County Child Welfare Board. NOTE: Times Tribune, Reporter Lillie Ruby is NOT affiliated in any way with The Waller Times. Times Tribune is the ONLY legally recognized newspaper in Waller County, Texas and the only TPA investigative reporty in Waller County.

Why would my boy Treyhon receive WCCWB awards, donate books, tour WCCWB, approve through WCCC $15,000 donation to WCCWB, claim in WCCC he has no idea who Becky Dickson is and then vote to terminate them based on statements from Tracy Moore Sebesta and her mother, Pat Bruegger, Janice Clark Schroeder Bowen without an certified audit from a licensed CPA firm! ONLY IN WALLER COUNTY!

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