CRIME ALERT: Criminal Harassment / Hickory Hill Dive Hockley, Texas

Further to my post from the other day with the explanation telling you all how far I was in my yard when the man from four houses down came to harass me and my animals where I indicated I had video proof......Jan has a copy of the video and is working on condensing it so it can be seen on this site. In the meantime, I was able to post to U Tube and the link is below. I encourage you all to watch the video and let me know if you can see it or not. While re watching the video myself I can see the headlights to the car as a light blur on the camera as it whips around while I am trying to save the neighbor boy's soccer ball from my dogs. As you can see, I am in my yard and this man is the aggressor. Now it appears his wife is also involved. Check out her language in front of her school age children.

I have a personal story to tell......I want to be able to advise what is taking place so that if I am harmed in any way people will know what the background is.
The first thing you need to know is that I attempted to tell this story this morning to the Neighborhood Watch Group and they blocked me. When I first moved in and contacted them they challenged me advising that the sub division I lived in was their problem. They offered to come w me and introduce the group to all people on my street but they were so afraid to be on my street that they left me on my own to do this and I did it .......they have blocked me from telling my story .............
When I first moved into this area I contacted this group hoping to make some new friends and was met with animosity because you all believed that the most of your thefts and problems were coming from the subdivision I had just moved into. Based on this I was tested and told that I needed to go and introduce the watch group to the people in Walnut Creek Estates. You provided flyers for me but the day came to walk and I was all alone. I walked anyway.....I introduced the group and I have diligently had to fight off the neighbors you were so right about in the beginning from that time.
I am about to relay to you a typical couple of days where I live. I have seen in the three years I have been on Hickory Hill Drive that some of the people have controlled this street for their own purposes..........which is drugs and violence.......and they do not want interference from anyone. They do not want the police here because they might get caught stealing from their neighbors, cooking, doing and selling their drugs.
I cannot sell my property because of these issues so I am stuck here. I called Waller County to find out how safe a neighborhood this was before I bought here and I was told it was safe.
Why am I broadcasting this? First and foremost I am making regular contact with the sheriff's department and I know they do not always issue reports on the calls they make. Secondly, I am broadcasting this because one of the people that lives on my street has come from his house to mine three times (each time a sheriff has been called) and has threatened to kill me.
I even talked to one other person and advised that person that I wanted to be left alone to live my life and against all my beliefs told them that if they wanted to do drugs I did not care. Just don't keep stealing from me......leave me be and I will leave you be......This person told me the reason I am not being left alone is because they want to know what I am doing...These people do not believe in "it's none of your business".
Friday I left my home to run errands and did not get in until late so I knew I had to take my dogs out first and I was very very tired and still had a lot to do before I could go to bed. Back in April 2016 a false police report was issued on me by one of these alleged drug people. The person that falsely reported me is a cousin of a judge. One of the people I am mentioning in this dialogue is also a cousin.
That same Sunday morning the thieves located next door to were all right.....thieves. These people were in their back yard right next to me when I walked my dogs in the morning and were clearly overheard by me discussing killing my dogs.
I had my foster dog on a lead and the others loose because I have a fully fenced yard. Before I got to the end of the mobile my bigger dog took off running and that set off my foster who ripped the lead from my hand. I ran to the front yard after them because I do not like them alone in the front yard because these people have already threatened to kill them and I am afraid they will shoot them through the gate. Three girls were in the cul de sac with a loose dog that live with the man that has threatened to kill me. The three girls ran down the road yelling and I went first to get the foster dogs so that she did not eat anything that was not on her strict diet. Then I went to the gate and started getting my dogs off the gate but they wanted to get after the loose dog so they were hard headed and I was yelling at them. Finally I get the dogs in line and we are walking back to the back of the mobile to finish our walk. Just for info, it is about 930 at night now. My foster dog has H1N1 which is the virus that pigs and chickens get. She has a very strict diet and cannot eat grass or various yard items or she will become ill and have to spend about a month with a vet.
While the girls are running down the street the alleged dad comes driving down the street .........since he threatened to kill me and I heard him I am not afraid to say the name.....Martin. He called the girls over to his vehicle and I am not paying that much attention anymore I am walking my dogs behind my mobile and we are coming around to the side where the dogs first noticed the girls again.
I never said a word to the girls as I am sure they did not expect me but now I am not so certain. Every time I leave when I get back I have to consider my dogs first and walk them. When I leave and return I have no other choice than to pass all other houses on the road. As I round the mobile for the second trip around my property and come into view of the cul de sac I see the three girls they are right next to the left side of my driveway at the top of the cul de sac lined up in a row facing down the street toward their home. When we came into view I clearly heard one of the girls say "here they come". My black dog ran to the gate first but she was not the dog they wanted to tease. When the dog they wanted to tease was within 25 feet of my gate they took off down the road towards their house yelling. Once the dog that they wanted to tease was enroute my foster again ripped the lead out of my hand. This time I did not go get the foster first. I went to the gate and yelled at the girls "quit teasing my dogs or I will not be responsible if they get out". Then I had to chase my foster to catch her. Realize it is ten at nite and I am trying to take care of business on my property. Further realize that daddy is down the street in the dark and knows what is happening. These girls were not scared they were following the orders of the man that stood in the middle of the cul de sac in Feb and threatened to kill me and nothing was done about it. These were not screams of terror they were not running full force like they thought a pack of dogs were after them. They were playing at my expense.
So I gather all the dogs and we are walking on the side of my property and Martin races into my driveway sideways in his car and starts to scream at me. I am not near the gate as I am still trying to walk my dogs and we are again on the side of the house. I have no doubt that these three girls were sent back to my property by their daddy. He screams "don't yell at my children, only I can yell at my children!" I yelled back at him that they were teasing my dogs and he stays parked in my driveway in his car yelling at me. I heard him say that I was crazy anyway but because I was still walking away I left him yelling in my driveway and decided it was time to call the police.
I called the sheriff and they went to talk to him and I heard him trying to convince the sheriff I was crazy. That is why I will not longer allow this to happen without posting each and every time it does. If crazy means you do not believe anyone has the right to threaten your life repeatedly then call me crazy.
I did not call the sheriff Saturday or Sunday.........these days are detailed below.
So Saturday comes and the children (only these three girls) have been playing in the cul de sac all day so I just did not go out. I knew that this man just wanted to intimidate me and was just waiting so I chose not to entice him by going out in my yard. THINK ABOUT THAT FOLKS!!!!!! I CAN NOT EVEN MOVE FREELY ON MY OWN PROPERTY!I had taken the dogs out early in the am and just had decided to wait until after the girls went to bed to come out with the dogs. The dogs did not go out at all that nite because Martin has his children watching my house. I know that kids can be devious but these girls are being told what to do by their father to continue to harass me. Based on what happened I am sure Martin was on standby waiting for his chance to come to my home and threaten me again.
During the time the girls were playing the dog they had set out to tease was in the window barking all day. He is also a rescue dog having been severely abused to the point that it took a year and a half for him to be able to be in the same room with someone other than me to quit vomiting.
At ten o'clock Saturday nite this dog starts howling in such a loud pitch he wakes me from sleep. Please note I was asleep in my home. I got up to look out the window and I saw three figures hiding in the dark across the road towards the end of the circle of the cul de sac and one of them was holding a flashlight. The flashlight was pointed at my house and it was hard to even tell if these were teenagers ...boys... or girls because in the dark they just looked grey. Where they were standing was odd because it was in the bushes on the right side of the street by the green mobile .....
When the three saw me at my front window looking out they wanted me to know who it was so they stepped out of the shadows and I clearly saw the three girls with one holding a flashlight. After they knew they had successfully disturbed me they ran across the street to Martin's house. then I figured out that they were situated where they could both disturb me and get home quick.
I like to spend time in my yard. Sunday between three and four I went out in the yard to do just that. I have my dogs with me and I am playing with the foster and keeping an eye on the rest of them so they do not get hurt or out. I am whistling for my dogs and I hear one of the girls say "it's her". Within ten minutes all three girls are coming out of their house and coming up to the top of the cul de sac. They don't get the response they want from the dogs and I know why but won't say here. I decide to start video taping what is happening. Now my day in the yard is one hand on a video and one on a garden hose much for enjoying your yard. when the girls saw me videoing one girl went back to her house for a few minutes and then came back out. When my camera came out they decided to stay in front of their own house and play, but they could see me in my backyard still holding the video. It was clear they did not come out to play they came out to disturb and cause issues because they did not stay out and play in front of their own home for less than five minutes when they went back down there to play.
Prior to the report on May 5 I had another report where there was a flashlight in my yard at 2am in the morning.
I know it is a long read. This is what I attempted to share with the Neighborhood Watch Group. They do not want to know. May a Martin visit them soon
Today, Mother's Day, I was outside at about 8am with the dogs, then mid day not certain of the time. I went to sleep and woke at 730 and between then and 8PM I took the dog's out and got my Mother's Day present from my Neighbor and his wife.
In the video you will be able to tell the distance I am inside my property when they start coming from their house to my house. Note it is actually further back from where I start calling my black dog with the ball. When the two bike... riders were sent up my dogs went to the gate barking and my foster dog ripped the lead out of my hand. I never said a word to the children and never went anywhere near the gate as I was trying to catch my dog
The video starts on what you have heard me refer to as my second round the mobile. Tonite on my first round one child was sent up on her bike and she made two trips back down and then a second teenage male did the same, skidding to a stop on the left side of my driveway. Since I have installed a security device that points directly out to the street as suggested by the Sheriff's deputy, Martin is now keeping his car (I'm guessing) outside what he considers the range of this device.
I did call the sheriff's again this evening as you will note when I ended the video. The Sheriff arrived and advised that there will not be an incident number or a report number but there will be notes to indicate he came to the house. Please also note I have requested this woman take her husband home.
Happy Mother's Day to all moms of all babies with any number of legs.

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