BREAKING NEWS: Honorable Commissioner John Amsler celebrates 75 years of sobriety today!

George Henderson Yes, everyone husband should stop beating his wife. Like if you agree!-)

The old joke is of course the attorney's question to the witness, "And when, Mr Doe, did you stop beating your wife?"

As a old woman told me during a fire and brimstone sermon on the same topic in an Assembly Of God church once near election day, a few years ago, 

"We cannot legislate morality but we Damn sure can put some morality in the legislature."

I took that to heart and it has served me well over the years.

Participate in the electoral process from the beginning from the ground up. 

Exert your personal influence over the nomination process do not wait for the primaries.

Get involved with precinct level party process.

All these actions along with actually casting a considered vote at each step in the process is far more bebeficial than agreeing with what the media feeds you.

And there is, make no mistake, no disrespect to John Amsler here for putting up this post.

John and I disagree on many fundamental issues and are not likey to change our positions but John got my vote because John is a "stand up guy" who devotes himself to good governance.

John is exactly the person you want to represent you at the local level because he carefully weighs the issues in front of him and does his best to act in everyone's best interest rather than hueing to some ideological line.

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