Waller County Republican Party.

Does Reverend Barnett think he is speaking to George Wallace?
Trey Duhon
This is from the Republican Presidential Debate on Fox News in March where all of the candidates were asked if they would support the nominee (or Trump specifically). The question was put to Rubio, Cruz, Kasich and Trump. Here's Cruz' response:
"BAIER: Senator Cruz, yes or no, you will support Donald Trump is he's the nominee?
CRUZ: Yes, because I gave my word that I would. And what I have endeavored to do every day in the Senate is do what I said I would do. You know, just on Tuesday, we saw an overwhelming victory in the state of Texas where I won Texas by 17 percent.
And I will say it was a powerful affirmation that the people who know me best, the people who I campaigned, who made promises that if you elect me, I'll lead the fight against Obamacare, I'll lead the fight against amnesty, I'll lead the fight against our debt, and I will fight for the Bill of Rights and your rights every day, that the people of Texas said you have kept your word, and that's what I'll do as president."
Tonight at the RNC, Cruz broke his word. I'm incredibly disappointed in Ted Cruz...
I find it funny that they all wanted Trump to pledge that he wouldn't run as an Independent if he didn't become the Republican nominee, but then none of them can keep their own promise to support the Republican nominee. If this was about Cruz gearing up for a 2020 run, he just lost my vote....
Of all people, I would have thought Cruz would have stuck to his principles.

Echoing the iconic moment from the first debate of the cycle, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Donald Trump all agree to definitely support the Republican nominee, no matter who it is.

Wayne LeBlanc How do you feel about that?
Trey Duhon Did you read my full post Wayne? Are you are trying to be rhetorical?
Wayne LeBlanc I read it. Are you supportive of his position?
Trey Duhon I am incredibly disappointed in Ted Cruz in not endorsing Trump
Wayne LeBlanc Well, crap that's why I love supporting you. Your incredible understanding of people and consistent positions is admirable.
Gary LeCamu I have lost all respect for cruz
Carrie Prazak Gourley I was appalled. Ted Cruz appeared smug and condescending tonight. Even Reagan in 1976 came out to support Ford. I always heard that he has no friends in Congress and that he is smug. Trump invited every single rival to speak. I guess Cruz thinks he is gearing up for 2020, but if HRC wins she will bring in millions of immigrants, legalize those that are here if she can, and it's over, rover for the 2nd Amendment and the country as a whole. Period. SMH
Tori Logan Rasberry Very interesting, thanks for sharing. I did find it odd that he hadn't supported him yet.
Adra Brown Stafford I'm disappointed as well. Cruz was my first choice but he disappointed me thoroughly tonight.
Cassie Richter Agreed. I couldn't watch because I was afraid I would be disappointed. Disappointed.
Marna Shofner Lewis It's absolutely disgusting....๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜กmortifying๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก..... I'm truly seriously SCARED for the USA, on SO MANY LEVELS..... ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”
Donnie Isenberg I voted for him in the primary but I support our party. I missed the convention this evening but if he didn't step up I'm very disappointed.
Kirby Cannon Disappointed.
John Thuman They all are the same. Power hungry that will do and say anything in the moment to garner votes. They all say what they believe is what people want to hear. They are liars and skalleywags. They have deception tuned to a fine art. It is all about the power and the money. I have always viewed Cruz as rather slimy. This may be the first presidential election where I do not cast a vote and it sickens me. Vote the no incumbent party.
Donnie Isenberg Please everyone remember or think of it like this a no vote is as good as a vote for Hillary. Please back the people if your a Republican if not you are handing it to the Democrats and that is what they are praying for.
John Thuman One is just as evil as the other. The Republic is dead. Long live the oligarchy.
Dhanabal Athunampillai Cruz will endorse/extend his support to Trump before the election at appropriate time. The social and political developments locally within US and terror threats globally will force him to strengthen Mr. Trump's candidacy for the president.
Richard Sullivan While I don't like his decision, Trump was way out of line when he chose to go after Cruz's family, I really can't blame him... I know he went back on his word to us, but he has to stand up and by his family..he has damaged his reputation in my eyes.. But I believe he can recover
Kristi Corte Agree!๐Ÿ˜ค
Kirby Cannon I always hear word Trumpkins but alot of Ted Cruz supporter have elevated him to Messiah Status. He cant say or do any wrong, Hell I voted for Cruz in Primary but I see signs of a man that is only cocearned with being president, nothing else but that. I see friends who I thought their heads were going to explose when he dropped from race. Not good to have a Senator whose only goal seems to be President, not repping state as a senator. Politics is a bitch I guess.
Mary Gibbons Rhodes He is counting on Trump to lose. He didn't keep his word but used the Convention to spring board him as a candidate in the 2020 election. His betrayal will be old news in a few days and the public has proven time and time again that they have no long term memories when it comes to these candidates. Cruz supporters are indeed let down this morning.
Corey Slone Me too Trey. I voted for him in the Primary.
Marcia Hill I think they all said yes thinking that he wouldn't get very far.
Elton Mathis Cruz is in it for Cruz. The religious right and Tea Party members of the party can't see that he uses them and says what they want to hear. I so hope there will be someone worthwhile that will step up to knock him out of his position next election. That smug, condescending mug and tone of his say it all.
Kirby Cannon If Cruz is so principled why attack Rand Paul, why did he throw Mike Lee under the bus on 2 votes, I agree, Cruz is for Cruz.
John Kimble I think Trumps pick of Pense knocked them for a loop. Pense is probably one of the most conservative people on the podium last night. He is a great addition to the team and helped unify the right to stand with Trump.
Shaun Nelson Trey, with all due respect I don't agree with your post. I believe Ted Cruz delivered a speech that spoke to his core beliefs and values. He acknowledged that he lost to Donald Trump and that Donald Trump is now the nominee. If he would have changed his own rhetoric and simply followed the Trump guidelines, I would have seen that as weakness and would've lost faith in him.
Trey Duhon I get that, but perception is everything… And I don't think Cruz helped trump to defeat Hilary last night, and therefore put himself before the party, which I don't agree with. It's politics. Not everyone is going to agree on everything all of the time. But at this point, we all have a common enemy - Hilary. And we must all work together to ensure her defeat. That is all that matters at this point for the future of our country. Just my opinion
Scott Vogan Trey, by saying you have an issue with putting "himself before the party", I think you're majorly in the wrong. 

The Party is a disgrace. 

Cruz put his values and morals before "the party". 
The same party that has nominated a populist, authoritarian.
Is "the party" more important than actual and true conservative values?

Would you support someone who belittled your wife and called your father an accomplice to murder? 

The Party means nothing. The Republican Party is an embarrassment today. 
What's important is the values it's "supposed" to stand for but no longer does. It will either fail as a party or return to those values...
But not if good people like Cruz put "the party" ahead of the ideals that should define it.

Our loyalty and our leaders' loyalty should be to the values Cruz eloquently articulated in his speech and NOT "the party".
Trey Duhon Scott Here's a simple question - did Ted help or hurt our chances of defeating Hilary with what he did at the RNC? Because while you and I sit here and debate the future of the party, or pat Ted on the back for standing on his principles (when he should have never taken the invitation to speak at the RNC), our country can not afford to wait another term to figure this out or hope that Ted is the guy in 2020, because if Hilary gets elected she could have the opportunity to choose up to 5 of the next Supreme Court justices and we can ill-afford the impact that could have on generations to come. I'm a principled person. I know what the word means. I also know our Constitution is under attack by an activist judiciary. There is a war going on - and the liberals are winning it with pen and paper with judges legislating from the bench. Then I saw Cruz' speech to the Texas Delegates this morning and when he said "WE" don't deserve to win, it showed me what his RNC speech was about... And I'm not ok with throwing the Country under the bus in 2016 to bolster your chances in 2020... So if you like, change "party" to "Country" in my last post. You want TRUE CONSERVATIVE VALUES - do EVERYTHING in your power to preserve and protect the U.S. Constitution and keep others from destroying it, and if that means putting an ideological debate on hold (which is always something we should work on internally in the party anyway) and putting one's presidential aspirations on the back burner to ensure that we have a president NOW that will appoint conservative justices (and even advise on those choices), then that's what you do. That's not what Cruz did... And I'm not ok with that. Conservatives need to pull their collective heads out of their ass and realize the time is now to engage and defeat the enemy or we will suffer for generations.... We can't wait 4 years for the perfect principled candidate. It will be too late. Say goodbye to states rights, the 2nd amendment, religious freedom, private property rights and more if Hilary gets elected. You and I are both conservative (I'm assuming you are)... We should both be working together and making sure of one thing right now - that Hilary does not become president. Period. Anything less only serves to strengthen our enemies. I voted for Cruz. I liked him. I like his principles. He didn't win.... But I'm not going to wait until 2020 to fight for what is important NOW, even if it means supporting a candidate that is less principled than Cruz. Back when the Constitution was written, everything mattered. Our forefathers did what they did at the risk of losing everything - including their lives and their families. The result was the greatest political document ever written upon which the greatest country in the world was built. It is under attack. We need to respond with a sense of urgency. It needs to matter again.....
Elton Mathis In retrospect what Tedly did has helped. It has unified the party around Trump and finally relegated people like Ted and the type of people who mindlessly support him to the irrelevant pile in the Republican party. Trump has brought record numbers of new people into the party and is fundraising to beat the band. Those are numbers and goals Cruz and his cronies can never approach in their dreams of a theocratic utopia. Let him go.
He and Glenn Beck will be very happy together.
Shaun Nelson Elton Mathis. I supported Ted Cruz and his right to say what he did. And I can respect him for not compromising his values. Cruz should have never been invited to speak, but I understand that would cause an uproar as well. For the record I don't consid...See More
Elton Mathis No one said that all people who like Cruz mindlessly follow him, but there are those that do. My statements are also not just rhetoric. I have spent a considerable amount of time dealing with members of our party that hate minorities and gays and wan...See More
Shaun Nelson Have y'all heard the latest Jeb Bush endorsing Gary Johnson rumor? That would create more shockwaves than anything Cruz did.
Elton Mathis Great way to put the nail in the coffin of the family political dynasty. But maybe they realize it is over anyway. They have one of their sons set up to rise through the ranks here in TX though. No way in hell he would be where he is without the last name and family money, but is that really how we want to keep picking our politicians? I don't.
Shaun Nelson Me either. I'm ready for the family dynasties to be over. I loved both Bush presidents, but we don't need another. We certainly can't weather another Clinton storm.
John Kimble I was a Cruz man, he committed political suicide and would never get my vote again.
Jennifer O'Connor Cruz has always disgusted me ..I'm telling you there is something that is NOT RIGHT with him!
LeeAnne Beckham Carlson I just finished a history course at UH on the history of witchcraft in the old and new world. Amazingly, a lot of people who confessed to being witches under initial torture, later recanted their 'confession.' They were going to be put to death anyway, but they did not want to die with a false confession on their soul.
Elton Mathis God hates a proud look. Cruz wins the medal.
Kris Duhon Winegar And Trump is not on the podium?
Elton Mathis Trump doesn't claim to be a man of faith. Trump is who he is and you get what you see.
Kris Duhon Winegar Elton Mathis yes he does claim to be a man of faith.
Elton Mathis I come from a fundamentalist Christian upbringing. Cruz is the same as all those traveling snake oil selling evangelists that passed through my childhood looking for tithes from the devout. In his case it is votes and support from the feeble minded who see themselves as victims of the world or even worse...... God's favorites..... Trump is no fundamentalist obviously. If you don't agree then you don't agree. We are all entitled to our opinions. I know this morning that Ted Cruz has dishonored our state and as my mom would say.... "split his britches". But that is evident based on all these commentors who probably would have voted for him again before yesterday.
Kris Duhon Winegar I humbly disagree
Elton Mathis I'm shocked....
Theresa Steen I agree with you. By making this statement it's telling some to vote for Hillary.
LeeAnne Beckham Carlson Theresa Steen He did not tell anyone to vote for Hilary, he told people to vote their conscience, something that no man may dictate for another.
Jane Safford Watson 85% of the convention was over .. Unification of the party was coming together and then comes 
Ted like an Angry Bird hell bend on disrupting and ruining everything that DT and the RNC had done. He lied on the debate stage during the campaign he's fai
...See More
Kris Duhon Winegar Questions being raised... vote your conscienc can't apply the DJT, vote for Freedom can't apply to DJT? Vote for one who will defend the constitution can't be applied to DJT? However, With all that being saidI do believe this was the wrong venue for Cruz, fear it will hurt more than help.
Carrie Prazak Gourley Cruz's choice to speak near the end of the convention was a choice wrought in messaging, and he knew it. He is always calculating and self-serving in his moves. He should've stayed home because what he did is not what conventions are about, and he know...See More
Jane Safford Watson Ted walked on that stage last night with one thing in mind and that was to destroy Donald Trump.. He doesn't care about anyone or America.. But himself, I only hope that with doing this to us he's destroyed himself! If Trump looses this race to that piece of lying garbage. I and the rest of the republicans should hold Ted Cruz accountable, when simply he could have stood up for America and unified our party he had that power and abused us and may have destroyed America in his wake of anger.
Elton Mathis He did not destroy America, he destroyed himself. There will always be the Cruzbots that defend him because they relate to what they think he stands for. This will open up the establishment to take advantage the open door he has made to put him out. It's time. He has now alienated the libertarian and establishment wings of the party.
Kirby Cannon Tediots is a better word for his followers.
Elton Mathis Tediots is too endearing..... its like a teddy bear.... 
Elton Mathis A really stupid, condescending, annoying teddy bear.
Marilyn Watson Lee He never had mine! Trump in 2016!
Elton Mathis Stick $100 in that diaper and ship him to Canada.
Gary LeCamu Trump rescinded his pledge on cnn....I think April 29
Jane Safford Watson I think CNN is most likely the worse news worthy station anyone could possibly listen to .. Don't quote them they're not to be trusted. And NO he never did. Trust me he would never support Hillary, at this point what difference does it make.. He's the republican candidate anyway.. Ted said on more than 2 occasions he would honor his and we all know now that was a lie. No matter what happened during the debates or campaign.. He should have HONORED his WORD. Especially if your going to stay in politics..he's now put his self in the same category as the other.. untrustworthy.
Gary LeCamu It wasn't a written story , it's a video. . .easy to find

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